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Chartered Professionals

Upholding standards

A purpose-built program for the resources sector, underpinned by AusIMM Royal Charter

Chartered Professionals are highly regarded in industry for their dedication, expertise and commitment to high standards of conduct.

AusIMM’s Chartered Professional Program provides multi-disciplinary assessment and recognition of resources sector professionals.

Globally Relevant

AusIMM is the custodian of mining standards, including the internationally-benchmarked JORC Code and VALMIN Code. With the growing recognition of Chartered programs in the Australasian and global market, there has never been a better time to become an AusIMM Chartered Professional.

AusIMM is a partner in the Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group (GMSG), which facilitates global mining collaboration; and the Global Mineral Professional Alliance (GMPA), a network of leading professional organisations for resources professionals.

Ethics and Risk

Chartered Professionals are qualified and competent and, like all AusIMM members, abide by our Code of Ethics and maintain current knowledge through ongoing professional development. Employing Chartered Professionals equips organisations with a professional workforce that is compliant and current. Employers that recognise and promote this distinction can differentiate themselves in the marketplace, giving clients another reason to choose them over competitors.

Standards and Excellence

Chartered status provides an assurance of standards and professionalism for the public benefit. The Chartered Professional (CP) credential represents excellence within the relevant discipline and helps you stand out from the crowd.
Becoming a Chartered Professional provides a competitive advantage, recognises experience and leadership and provides critical status and credentials in an increasingly regulated market.

Chartered Professional accreditation &
engineering qualification assessment
application form

Discipline Specific

The Chartered Professional Program Committee (CPPC) accredits professionals in the following core disciplines:

  • Environment
  • Geology
  • Management
  • Mining
  • Metallurgy
  • Geotechnical (Mining)

I always encourage promising young mining engineers and geologists to obtain AusIMM membership and ultimately become a Chartered Professional (CP). The AusIMM CP program is on par with any other Chartered program, nationally and internationally, and the only one specifically for mining professionals in Australia.
Chirantha Weerawardena MAusIMM CP (Min) | Manager Operations Planning, Fortescue Metals Group – Cloudbreak Mine Operations

Your eligibilty

The Chartered Professional Program eligibility criteria are specified in Chartered Professional Regulation 10 (Chartered Professional admission). In summary, applicants must:

  • Hold current financial membership of The AusIMM at the grade of Member, Fellow or Honorary Fellow.
  • Hold an appropriate tertiary degree or equivalent relevant to the discipline in which accreditation is sought. Refer to Guideline 2: Qualification requirements.
  • Have at least five years of relevant work experience within the mining industry in at least one Area of Practice (Guideline 3) in the discipline being applied for.
  • Demonstrate key competencies, detailed by a written response to Competency Statements providing clear evidence the applicant has worked competently in the area of practice and in the discipline applied for a period of at least five years since qualification.
  • Nominate three (3) sponsors who are familiar with and can substantiate the applicant’s qualifications and experience.

Demonstrate a minimum satisfactory level of relevant Professional Development during the three years prior to the application for CP. This must be demonstrated by a completed AusIMM online PD logbook, providing evidence that in the last three years, the applicant has completed 150 hours of Professional Development.


Ongoing annual fee

From 1 January 2019 all CPs will be charged an annual fee of $60 (excludes GST) to retain Chartered accreditation. This fee will be due and payable with the annual AusIMM membership fee each year, and an annual certificate of Chartered accreditation will be issued.

Application fees

Example application

Total fee payable
(excludes GST)

Approved application


Approved application; additional validation or interview required


Unsuccessful application


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Ensuring Chartered Professionals are competent, current and qualified.

Chartered Professional (CP) Program

Review our policies and Chartered Professional Regulations.

Apply online

Chartered professional status is available only to Members and Fellows of the AusIMM.

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