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Chartered Professional Accreditation

Ensuring our Chartered Professionals are competent, current and qualified.

The Chartered Professional Program is administered by the Chartered Professional Program Committee (CPPC).

A governance committee, the CPPC is supported by a team of Chartered Professional Assessors who make recommendations on applications for the Chartered Professional Program and for Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) Assessments, and conduct Professional Development (PD) reviews.

Two Assessors independently assess each application/PD review.

If you are interested in becoming a Chartered Professional Assessor, please contact AusIMM to express your interest.

AusIMM Chartered Professional Program Presentation – Relaunched Jan 2018

Download and view the relaunched Chartered Professional program to get an overview of the program and how it can benefit
you in your professional career.

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Important documents

Competency Statements

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Using Chartered Professional post-nominals

The post-nominals for Chartered Professional accreditation can be used in the following ways:

Option 1: CP only with membership grade

For example: John Citizen MAusIMM(CP), Jane Citizen FAusIMM(CP), Joe Citizen HonFAusIMM(CP)

Option 2: Use of the discipline-specific CP with membership grade

For example: John Citizen MAusIMM CP(Geo), Jane Citizen FAusIMM CP(Min) 
Holders of multiple CPs may list their disciplines in the same set of brackets separated by a comma. For example: John Citizen FAusIMM CP(Geo, Geotech)

Discipline Post-nominals
Geology MAusIMM CP(Geo)
Geotechnical MAusIMM CP(Geotech)
Mining Engineering MAusIMM CP(Min)
Metallurgy MAusIMM CP(Met)
Environmental MAusIMM CP(Env)
Management MAusIMM CP(Man)

Chartered Professional (CP) vs Competent Person

The terms ‘Chartered Professional’ and ‘CP’ should not be confused with the term ‘Competent Person’. An AusIMM Chartered Professional undergoes an accreditation process through the AusIMM Chartered Professional Program while a Competent Person must meet a separate set of specific criteria in relation to the JORC code. The AusIMM Chartered Professional Program does not assess this.

A Competent Person must spell out the term in full and cannot use the acronym ‘CP’. This is reserved for Chartered Professionals only.

To find out more about what constitutes a Competent Person, please visit the JORC website.

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