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Our visual identity

Brand refresh

AusIMM’s online presence has been redeveloped to bring us into a modern digital age where we interact with technology away from home and on the go.

Our new brand mark gives us the flexibility and scalability to use the logo in a number of ways unachievable in the past. With computers now small and portable enough to fit into pockets, it is important to consider how a brand will be portrayed across a 1 cm by 1 cm app icon as well as a 20 metre wide highway billboard. Our new mark provides us with a stronger external profile, allowing us to better represent our professionals.

Our brand story

AusIMM – Leadership for resources professionals

Becoming a member of the AusIMM is more than just a badge of honour, it’s becoming part of a community of people across the resources industry who share a common goal. To develop their career and contribute to the environmental, social and economic sustainability of their industry.

As the peak body, we are the trusted voice providing leadership for resources professionals; it’s about participation, engagement, development and opportunity. Opportunities afforded by the meeting of minds; where education meets industry, environment meets economy, tradition meets innovation and community meets commerce.

It’s about sharing. Connecting people to industry, creating opportunities through networks, building pathways for careers, provide leadership to every stage of a resource professional’s career and nurture that next generation of professionals who are just getting started.

And atop all that, we stand tall on over a century of recognition for the integrity and professional standards that we uphold. A privilege and a legacy we hold and esteem as much the royal charter that we operate under.

Request logo package

Contact us using the button on the right if you would like to request a logo package for your event. Please include in your email a description of the logos intended use (eg to add to a website page or to add to an A4 print flyer) to help us provide you with the best files for your needs.