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Advocacy Framework

The AusIMM’s Advocacy Framework assists members in their continued career development, encourages community engagement and government understanding of the industry and promotes progress in important sectors of the industry.

The AusIMM has an active program of advocacy in areas important to our 13,000 members and their communities. AusIMM members work across industry, government and academia and recognise the importance of continual improvement in professional practice in the minerals sector. Through their broad-based technical expertise and operational experience, AusIMM members help deliver the safest, most productive and sustainable outcomes for society.

The AusIMM’s Advocacy Framework is a guide which sets out the important role AusIMM members play as advocates of professional excellence in the minerals sector. The Framework explains what advocacy is, why we do it and our priority areas of focus. It is not an exhaustive list of every policy or advocacy issue affecting members. Instead, it sets a high-level framework under which all members can actively and confidently be engaged as effective advocates.

Our advocacy work aims to:

  • Promote the benefits of continued learning and the pursuit of professional excellence
  • Increase community support for the minerals sector and minerals professionals
  • Encourage governments to set clear, best practice regulatory requirements

The AusIMM’s priority areas of interest include:

  • Professional recognition and mobility
  • Diversity, equality and opportunity
  • The future of the sector
  • Community and environmental sustainability
  • Health and safety leadership


Roles and responsibilities:

All AusIMM members play a role in delivering the aims of the Institute’s advocacy work:

  • Individual members – communicate AusIMM-approved advocacy positions, identify new advocacy opportunities and contribute to the development of our advocacy
  • AusIMM Communities of Interest – (above, plus) channel our advocacy messages back to their communities and identify local opportunities
  • AusIMM Board – (above, plus) approve new advocacy positions and undertake periodic review of the advocacy framework
  • AusIMM CEO and President – (above, plus) lead and coordinate AusIMM engagement with the media and governments

If you would like to discuss any aspect of AusIMM’s Advocacy Framework, or raise an upcoming opportunity for consideration, please email

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Our advocacy work aims to:
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Advocacy Framework