CoalLog - The Australian Coal Logging Standard v2.1

The CoalLog standard includes data entry sheets and standard dictionaries of code lookup tables for coal borehole header, drilling, lithology, water flow and geotechnical data, a format for the transferal of this data, a borehole logging training manual and standard plotting patterns for all its defined lithotypes and lithology qualifiers.

Before CoalLog, there were approximately 30 different data formats and over 100 different dictionaries being used for the capture of geological and geotechnical data from boreholes throughout the Australian coal industry. Additionally, each of the major Australian geological software companies used different conventions for the transferal of this data. These different formats, dictionaries and transferal conventions have led to major inefficiencies in the collection, transfer and analysis of coal borehole data. CoalLog has overcome many of these inefficiencies. The Geological Surveys of both New South Wales and Queensland have adopted it and will be requiring any coal exploration data provided as CoalLog data transfer files.

CoalLog has been developed with financial assistance from the Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP) by a number of committees with representatives from most major mining, consulting and software companies in the Australian coal industry. It was first released in February 2012 and the current version (v2.1) was released in August 2018.
Further improvement and development to the Standard is planned and feedback is welcome by sending an email to [email protected]. It is anticipated that there will be an update of CoalLog every year or two. To be added to the list of users notified of new releases, please send an email request to [email protected].

Coal Log Certify

Download and install Release 1.026 of the CoalLog Certify program for Windows


CoalLog Manual v1.1 PDF - Full colour copy of the complete CoalLog v1.1 manual
CoalLog Training Manual v2.0 PDF - A comprehensive manual for reference and training of borehole logging geologists in all procedures for recording the geology and geotechnical aspects of coal boreholes
CoalLog Modifications up to v2.1 PDF - A list of the v1.1 to v2.1 modifications to the original CoalLog v1.0
CoalLog Logging Sheets v2.1 ZIP - Includes: Logging Sheet Specifications to assist database manager to set up the appropriate database tables, full Logging Sheets for tailoring, Recommended Logging Sheets to be used without any tailoring and an Excel data entry sheet for the Recommended Logging Sheets.
CoalLog Dictionaries v2.1 ZIP - Includes: Dictionaries Work Files used for setting up and checking the standard; Dictionaries in .DOCX format for tailoring, .PDF format for immediate use and .CSV format for import into software; full descriptions for each dictionary entry.