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AusIMM Metallurgical Society exists to meet the professional needs of members whose field of interest and profession is metallurgy.

The Society contributes to the production of professional development materials and events including webinars, conferences, lecture series and publications. Activities are focused predominantly on minerals processing, hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy resources.


Latest Metallurgical News


Metallurgical Society - MetFests 2020 - Calling for Abstracts

We have 2 MetFest events planned this year and are now taking abstracts for potential presentations.


Metallurgical Society - 2020 Member Survey

The MetSoc committee is seeking member feedback on the types of activities and initiatives we should be pursuing in the coming years. 


Metallurgical Society - Standards Australia - Committee Member Replacement

AusIMM – Standards MN-005 (Copper, Lead, Zinc and Nickel Ores and Concentrates)


Tim Napier-Munn - Innovation in Mineral Processing: Distinguished Past and Uncertain Future
G D Delprat Distinguished Lecture 2016
G D Delprat Distinguished Lecture 2015
G D Delprat Distinguished Lecture 2014
The structure of Al(III) in strongly alkaline aluminate solutions

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