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Welcome to the WIMnet-Vic Events page. This is where we outline our events for the year and where you can register for our upcoming events.
Each year we organise a program of events and programs that aim to support all women working in the mining and resources industries.
2020 was to be an exciting year.
Our plan for 2020 included our Annual Lunch, The Victorian Women in Mining and Resources Awards, the WIMnet Victoria Mentoring Program and numerous face-to-face networking opportunities.
2020 was to be the year for partnering with the CSIRO in the STEM Professionals in Schools program that reaches out to younger girls to encourage an interest in school subjects that lay a good foundation for a career in the mining and resources industries.
And then came the unfolding challenge of COVID-19.


The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the Australian community into uncharted territory in 2020, requiring responses from government, business, communities and individuals.
Despite the disruption and complexities arising from COVID-19 – and the further disruptions to come – WIMnet Victoria is working hard to ensure members can remain connected. WIMnet Victoria’s committee members remain available and committed to supporting women in the mining and resources industries.
First and foremost, that means protecting the health and safety of our members – and that has required some changes to what we do in 2020.
To date, WIMnet Victoria has taken the following steps:

  • In March we introduced monthly virtual committee meetings to replace our normal monthly office meetings;
  • Phone and video meetings are being utilised wherever possible;
  • Together with the Minerals Council of Victoria we successfully held the 2020 Victoria Women in Resources Awards in April. We will also be assisting with the Minerals Council with the National Awards to be held later in the year.
  • We have reviewed our 2020 event plan and cancelled or postponed our remaining face-to-face events and programs until 2021. This includes our Annual Lunch, the WIMnet Victoria mentoring program and our STEM Professionals in Schools program.

We have implemented coaching and education webinars which are currently being held approximately every 2 months. These webinars focus on a variety of topics that will appeal to a wide range of members


In July, we launched our first Webinar: speaker, Amanda Blesing discussed “Navigating your Career in Turbulent Times”.
In August, Lisa Cutler discussed what constitutes good leadership and examined our global women leaders’ handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.
With Melbourne and Victoria moving into stricter lockdowns, WIMnet Victoria will be continuing to host a series of webinars.


We will continue with on-line programs if COVID-19 still rules out face-to-face events in 2021.
Our Mentoring Program and our STEM Professionals in Schools Program are still due to commence early in 2021.


Upcoming Events


WIMnet VIC - Webinar: Where to next for Women in the Mining Industry?

Wednesday 18 November 2020


Latest Women in Mining Vic News


WIMnet VIC - Webinar: Where to next for Women in the Mining Industry?

How far have we come and what does the future hold?


WIMnet VIC - Webinars

To support our members in 2020 WIMnet Victoria is running a series of webinars.


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