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Mining 4.0


The Mining 4.0 Academy, developed in collaboration with Cahoot Learning, is a series of short courses designed for people working in the mining industry. Delivered online, the courses will upskill and future-proof professionals, while providing practical insights into working effectively in an Industry 4.0 world.  

The Mining 4.0 Academy is a strategic response to rapidly changing capability and skillset requirements of workforces in the resources sector as Industry 4.0 practices become more prevalent throughout organisations around the world.

The result of close collaboration between the resources industry and global experts in professional online education, the Mining 4.0 Academy provides impactful learning solutions specifically designed for the sector that focus on digital skills, human capabilities and contemporary ways of working.

Through a series of three-week online courses, the Mining 4.0 Academy provides professionals with the opportunity to gain practical insights and develop new behaviours in relation to the chosen topics. These online experiences are geared to equipping learners with the necessary attributes to work effectively in an Industry 4.0 world.

People are the most valuable assets to any organisation, none more so than in the mining sector. Now more than ever is the time to invest in educational initiatives that shift the dial in your organisation.

Courses have been developed in three categories for essential learning – contemporary ways of working, human capabilities, and digital capabilities.

Adaptive Leadership
Commencing 6 July 2020
The notion of effective leadership emanating from behaviour rather than out of title is key to the adaptive leadership required in an era of rapid change. Leading teams of the future (diverse, multi-disciplinary and dispersed) requires building trust, vision and resilience.
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Resilience at Work
Commencing 27 July 2020
Biological, Cognitive and Social Resilience can all be enhanced through learning proven mindset tools and behavioural strategies, creating optimal performance for life and your ability to adapt to unprecedented times. This course will cut through all the red tape and provide you with the tools and open mindset to move ahead with greater confidence and ease.
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Radical Empathy
As we increasingly move towards becoming a truly global community of workers, customers and suppliers, understanding the dynamics and practice of working closely with people and teams who have different perspectives is vital to everyone's success.
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Problem Solving
Skilful problem solving is core to successful innovation initiatives and essential for strategic and operational effectiveness. Failure to identify the right problem to be solved is the reason most digitisation and other strategic business initiatives fail.
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Become Cyber-Smart
Cyber security is an organisation-wide risk. This course looks at the practical risks all employees must comprehend and will provide you with useful tools to allow you to become Cyber Smart and protect yourself and your organisation.

Introducing the 4th Industrial Revolution
Understanding where technology such as Al, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, 5G and Robotics fit into the future of strategy and execution across an organisation and industry is foundational to success in the future of work. Learn how you can leverage them to thrive in a new era.

Data Explorer and Storyteller
Data, whether we know it, or even like it, is part of everything that we do. It is already playing a major role in organisational strategies and day to day work. Demystifying data, creating a common language and learning how to leverage it will be the keys to success in a digitised world. Creating a culture of data explorers and storytellers across the organisation is the precise place to start this adventure!

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Agile Driven Outcomes
Agile is a lean, yet structured approach to delivering projects in a manner that enables a faster response to change and that is conducive to rapid and collaborative implementation of high-priority initiatives.

Customer Experience (CX)
Whether in business or government, customer experience is a critical and powerful tool for achieving mission outcomes, increasing employee engagement, growing revenue, improving service design and building advocacy. Learn how every positive interaction with your customer, pre- and post-sale will build customer loyalty to your brand.

Customer Success Management
Drive client value and ensure that your customers achieve their desired outcomes while learning the skills, tools and technical knowledge to retain, engage and manage customers.

User Experience Design (LX)
Develop a keen understanding of users and their needs by applying best practices in User Experience to drive quality interactions with a product and deliver customer value.

Human Centred Design (HCD)
Learn an approach to problem solving, commonly used in design and management frameworks, that will help you develop solutions to problems by involving the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process.

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Course Experience

Clear learning objectives
Defined and measurable “from – to” uplift in capabilities that shift mind-sets and behaviours for individuals and teams

A mix of interventions such as live and self-paced activities, cross disciplinary discussions, mentoring, assessments, team and cohort-based assignments and creative brainstorming

Tailored to meet your needs
Common competencies such as collaboration, communication, teamwork, resilience and leadership along with personal interventions to drive outcomes

Grounded in application
Practices that are immediately drawn from and applied to the working world

Community and relationships
Collaboration and social learning draws on the experiences and expertise of all-in-the-room (learners, subject matter experts and facilitators)

Learning analytics
Real time progress

Courses are held over 3 weeks and require approximately 3 hours per week to gain certification

In your time
Participation at your own pace from anywhere in the world

Received upon completion to recognise learning


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