Public Reporting

Public Reporting for Mining and Exploration Companies

This short course will guide mining and exploration company executives and directors through the intricacies of public reporting in accordance with reporting codes and standards, stock exchange listing rules and regulation.

Case studies

Participants will have the opportunity to take an in-depth look into case studies and real-life scenarios and discuss approaches to public disclosure that can be both appropriate to regulators and attractive to investors.


There will be an emphasis on the role of the JORC Code in public reporting and its application in the context of today’s regulatory and media-driven environment across Asia Pacific.


This course is for professionals who are responsible for supporting mining and exploration companies with the information required for public disclosure:

  • Senior executives
  • Company Directors
  • Company Secretaries
  • Legal counsels
  • Investor relations
  • Finance managers/analysts
  • Auditors

Learning objectives:

  • Recognise and counter common misconceptions about the regulatory framework
  • Understand the roles of key stakeholders within the mining life cycle
  • Determine appropriate and compliant public reporting practices that meet investment and capital-raising needs
  • Examine and assess practices that both reduce compliance risk and can be attractive to investors
  • Write engaging, informative, transparent and appealing market announcements

Participants will have the option to complete the course online or at a one day face-to-face workshop. Dates and locations to be confirmed.

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Course - Public Reporting