Be recognised for your leadership in the resources sector

AusIMM Fellow (FAusIMM)
  • Lead your profession
  • Uphold industry standards
  • Receive special discounts on products, events and conferences
  • Attain Chartered accreditation
  • Give back to the community
  • Free access to video content and digital publications

Become an AusIMM Fellow today

AusIMM is an important industry body and AusIMM Fellowship connects me with other leaders across the sector.

– Lorraine Meldrum, FAusIMM

AusIMM Fellows are the leaders of our industry, recognised for their contributions, expertise and achievements.

An AusIMM Fellow is the pinnacle membership grade of AusIMM. AusIMM Fellows are an exclusive group of seasoned professionals with significant industry acumen, experience and achievements. AusIMM Fellows uphold industry standards and demonstrate leadership by supporting the next generation of professionals entering the workforce.

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Lead your profession

Contribute to progress in our sector: get involved with AusIMM’s Community of Interest Groups, present at our world-leading conferences or take the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience by mentoring the next generation of resources professionals.


Uphold industry standards

Have you considered Chartered Professional accreditation? Have your experience recognised internationally through AusIMM’s Chartered Professional Program. Gain a competitive advantage in the workplace and demonstrate your ongoing commitment to high standards, codes of conduct and professional development.


Experience an easy-to-use digital dashboard

Access your dashboard and track your involvement in events across the sector. The digital dashboard ensures you have a place to manage and your professional development and training.


Digital Publications

Unlimited access to our library and OneMine

We’ve opened up our digital library for AusIMM Fellows so you can now download all of our digital publications through our online store. Also now at your fingertips is OneMine, the world’s most comprehensive collection of mining and minerals-based technical documents, conference papers, articles, pre-prints and late papers.



Access online video content

Our new TV channel is available to AusIMM Fellows at no cost. Access a library of video content, including recordings from our latest conferences and webinars, with the freedom to learn and engage at a time and place that suits you.


A subscription to the AusIMM Bulletin magazine

Our flagship magazine, the Bulletin, is available both in print and online. The Bulletin brings together leading minds from around the world to engage in ideas and technology pushing the industry forward.


Attend world class conferences

Each year AusIMM delivers world-leading technical and leadership conferences to resources professionals. AusIMM Fellows receive discounted registration to attend, allowing you to network with other like-minded industry leaders.

Become an AusIMM Fellow

$539 Membership Fee
$55 Application Fee
  • A copy of your CV – showing at least ten years experience in the resources sector.
  • A certified copy of your tertiary degree (in English)
  • A completed summary of senior responsibilities and statement of senior responsibilities
  • The support of three AusIMM Fellows or Members
  • A copy of your Photo ID