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A Footy Night with New Professionals

Check out how the first New Professionals event for the year went!

It was a still and peaceful Friday night for most of Adelaide, but that was certainly not the case at the famous Adelaide Oval where the mighty Adelaide Crows were taking on the Essendon Bombers in a Round 18 clash! The night shared the spotlight as it was also the first New Professionals event for the year – the NPN Footy Night. A great turnout of 8 New Professionals met (many for the first time) at the Cathedral Hotel for some introductory and networking drinks. Will Hanneman (Metallurgist for Nystar and NPN SA committee member) was set as a beacon of light for others due to his 6 foot plus height and bright yellow coat. Next to the scene came Connor McCamley (Metallurgist for BHP), Jake Gallina (Metallurgist for BHP) and Xavier Hatch (Engineer for BHP) who all helped out with the refreshments.

Once everyone had broken the ice, the team set off to the Adelaide Oval where we met Nima Sherpa (Supt. Integrated Operations at BHP and NPN SA committee member), Russell Brooks (Mining Engineer at Oz Minerals) and Maria Tran (Chemist for BHP) at the gates. With free tickets in hand the team made their way to the iconic “Hill” where we were joined by various other die-hearted fans in all colours.

The game took off to a great start with Adelaide controlling the first quarter with Tom Lynch dangerous on return from  his month long calf injury. After another round of refreshments and a couple nibbles, the scores were on the low end with Adelaide (17) – Essendon (8) at the end of the first quarter. Essendon’s Will Snelling came back to the field after a 1056 day gap between his debut at Port Adelaide in 2016 (AFL’s longest span between first and second game) and bagged the Bombers a goal reducing the gap in the second term. Adelaide’s Josh Jenkins made sure Bombers weren’t getting too carried away and retaliated with 3 more goals in the quarter. The Bombers however showed no mercy and scored another 2 late goals leaving them 19 points behind at half time.

Whilst not confirmed, rumour has it that a serious motivational speech was being undertaken in the Bombers change room much like works of Coach Carter, Remember the Titans or Cool Runnings, because Essendon came out soaring and gained some tremendous traction in the third quarter. With 18 inside 50’s and an easy 4 goals to 1, the Bombers levelled the scores in the third term, Adelaide (59) – Essendon (59).

The mighty Adelaide Crows swooped in twice in the final quarter to take the lead over Essendon but as they say, it’s not over until it’s over. With everyone at the edge of their seats and with not much left on their finger nails, it wasn’t long until the Bombers found their final wind as they stormed to victory kicking 4 consecutive goals in the last 7 minutes leaving the scores Adelaide (75) – Essendon (96). Crows fans were plucked of any joy they had left as the roar of the Essendon anthem bellowed through the stadium. Whilst it was not the ideal fairy tale outcome for Adelaide fans, it was certainly an entertaining night of footy enjoyed by all.

The SA NPN team would like to thank all those involved in making this fun-filled event possible and to all those who attended. Many connections were made with like-minded professionals and it was interesting to find out about different projects and mines others were working at. It was most certainly a relaxed, easy going evening with plenty of networking and cheering going on all around.

Hope to see everyone again at the next event!

Viv Naidu – AusIMM Committee Member & NPN SA Committee Member

(L-R) New Professionals Russell Brooks, Nima Sherpa, Jake Gallina, Maria Tran, Viv Naidu, Xavier Hatch & Will Hanneman

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