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A message from AusIMM President and CEO

Despite the obvious difficulties of 2020, our professional community continues to support each other and carry out their vital work.

Dear members,

We hope that wherever you are in the world, you and your loved ones are keeping safe and well.

In many areas of Australia and New Zealand, coronavirus restrictions have eased, but some regions continue to battle serious ongoing outbreaks of the deadly virus, most notably Victoria. We stand with our members and communities in Victoria, including the majority of AusIMM’s Management Team, and wish them well during this incredibly challenging time. Please refer to our COVID-19 webpage for helpful information and links to government and wellness websites.

Despite the obvious difficulties of 2020, our professional community continues to support each other and carry out their vital work. We know that a strong mining sector, underpinned by resilient professionals, will be critical for the economic recovery of our nations.

Our loyal global community
Our global community remains strong in 2020, with more than 12,600 members signing up from 100 countries. We are proud to lead the way for our members and thank you for your support this year. As your peak body, we are thrilled to provide ongoing professional development opportunities to help you upskill, learn and connect. We have already delivered new online initiatives and many more activities are planned in 2020.

Trusted Voice update: we all have a part to play
Our work as the Trusted Voice is about the role we play as a professional community with expertise and experience across the entire sector. The breadth and depth of our expertise positions us to advocate as the Trusted Voice on the policy settings that are necessary for an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable sector. We speak to, for and with our peers across industry, government and academia.

AusIMM members – particularly our Communities of Interest (COIs) – are critical contributors to our Trusted Voice work. You provide critical ‘on the ground’ knowledge and technical expertise. Our engagement with government is about positioning our members to make well-informed contributions to policy for the benefit of our sector and communities.

At a federal government level, we have been working with the Australian Department of Industry on a Resources Sector Workforce, Skills and Training Strategy. We have similarly been working with the Critical Minerals Facilitation Office to support our critical minerals sector. This initiative began with our Western Australian members and now creates an opportunity for our whole association.

Building on advice from leaders within our Queensland branches, we have also accelerated our engagement with the Queensland Board of Examiners to discuss a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program for safety and health professionals.

These are examples of the opportunities we hope to create for our members to speak as the Trusted Voice for resources professionals. Governments recognise the value of your contributions, and we encourage you to continue engaging.

Successful delivery of first ever digital conferences
AusIMM has delivered two highly successful digital conferences: Uranium 2020 and New Leaders Online, with three more scheduled. Both events attracted a record number of registrations and received positive feedback from delegates, speakers and sponsors. Our conference committees and events teams are to be commended for their excellent work in delivering these digital conferences.

Upcoming conferences and events
Our 2020 conference calendar continues with Lithium and Battery Metals and Minesafe digital conferences to be hosted in August and September. We are also launching a brand-new conference, Preconcentration, in November 2020.

We are delighted to announce the return of AusIMM’s Thought Leadership Series in 2020. This year, the Series will be delivered online and at no charge to participants, featuring five thought-provoking presentations exploring the future frontiers in mining.

We are scoping scenarios for our 2021 events based on face-to-face and hybrid formats. An announcement with further details will be made soon.

Complimentary Digital Technical Talks for members
The Digital Technical Talks hosted by our COIs have proven to be a hit and have seen record attendances. The online format provides members and non-members with an array of technical presentations either live or recorded, wherever they are in the world. We are pleased to continue our complimentary offer to these talks for all AusIMM members.

See the upcoming and recorded Digital Technical Talks on offer.

Online courses galore
AusIMM offers a range of outstanding online courses facilitated by industry experts and partner organisations to assist members and industry professionals enhance their knowledge.

New disciplines added to Chartered Professional Regulations
AusIMM recently announced that the Chartered Professional (CP) Regulations have been updated to include Tailings Facilities as an area of practice to reflect its importance in mining operations. We are also well on the way to establishing another important CP category for AusIMM members who are practising as Social Performance professionals. More details on this exciting development will be announced soon.

AusIMM Bulletin
In February 2020, we announced that the AusIMM Bulletin was moving to a digital-first approach. With the disruption and uncertainty brought about by COVID-19, and the positive response to our digital issues, we will continue with a digital-only format for the remainder of 2020. Watch out for the next digital issue in your inbox on 12 August. Bulletin articles can also be searched and browsed on the Bulletin website.

Stay in touch
As always, our team is here to assist all members. Please reach out if you need further information or support in any way. Contact us at

Stay safe and well,
Janine Herzig FAusIMM(CP)
AusIMM President
Stephen Durkin FAusIMM AusIMM CEO

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