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DT Update – AusIMM Subscriptions

Enhance your membership

AusIMM subscriptions, which are accessed via the Membership menu, provide you with the opportunity to enhance your membership. There are three types of subscriptions, and some of these may be complimentary with your member type (for more information, see the compare membership table).

  • Digital publications, granting you access to our entire digital library.
  • AusIMM TV gives you access to hundreds of webinars and conference recordings.
  • Printed Bulletin, delivered to your door every second month of the year.


AusIMM Subscriptions

Accessing your subscriptions

To access AusIMM TV, also know as the video channel, navigate to Your Dashboard and select AusIMM TV. Please note that some videos may be locked for a short period of time whilst they are available only to delegates and live attendees.

With a Digital Publications subscription, you will find that all PDF publications in the Library are available free of charge. You may download any item by clicking ‘download now’.

The AusIMM Printed Bulletin is delivered to your chosen address every second month of the calendar year.

For more information, visit Accessing Subscriptions.

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DT Update - AusIMM Subscriptions

Enhance your membership