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AusIMM’s International Focus

As part of our commitment to take the story of the Australasian  resources sector to the global stage and promote the world-class work of our professionals, the Board of AusIMM has recently endorsed an international strategy, which encompasses three pillars of work:

  1. to provide professional development on Australasian codes, standards and best practice;
  2. to support and engage AusIMM’s international membership; and
  3. to build stronger connections with key international stakeholders, including government, kindred bodies and industry.

To guide the development and ongoing implementation of these three pillars, AusIMM appointed an International Advisory Forum (IAF) earlier this year. The role of the IAF is to ensure that the Board and Management Team have appropriate counsel in all matters relating to our international presence, connections and opportunities.

The IAF members are:

  • Colin Moorhead, Executive Director of Merdeka Copper Gold and Immediate Past President at AusIMM
  • Michelle Ash, Chair of the Global Mining Guidelines Group
  • Rex Berthelsen, Group Manager Resource Geology at MMG
  • Stephen Durkin, CEO at AusIMM
  • Tony Manini, Executive Director at EMR Capital
  • David Olsson, China Practice Lead Consultant at King & Wood Mallesons

Our award winning, Online Professional Certificate in JORC Code Reporting has been a key deliverable in providing quality professional development on Australasian codes and standards to a global sector. Since its launch in mid-2018, AusIMM has developed a Chinese-language face-to-face version of the course, delivered in Beijing, China, in partnership with the Global Mining Association of China (GMAC). In addition, a third course called the AusIMM JORC Code Essentials Course for Mining Company Directors and Officers has been built. JORC Code Essentials will be available online from November 2019.

As part of our commitment under Pillar 2 to better support our international membership, we have renewed our International Representatives program. Applications are now open for interested members to express interest in being an AusIMM International Representative in key locations around the world. For more information on this process, click here. 

AusIMM looks forward to creating stronger partnerships around the world with members, stakeholders, government and industry. To provide feedback, suggestions or simply to introduce yourself to the International team, email

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