Watch Bob Watchorn’s seismic tomography Tech Talk

Presented in Bunbury on 4 April 2019 at the South West Western Australia Branch event.

**UPDATED 11.06.19** Comments, bibliography and notes

Bob Watchorn, a geologist of 47 years’ intense and varied exploration and mining experience, gave a talk on his ongoing research on impact structures and their role in the genesis of Archaean Cratons title ‘Detailed seismic tomography research into the formation of the Yilgarn Craton during the late Heavy Bombardment episode 4 billion years ago’.

The session included a summary of Bob’s 20 years’ research on giant ring structures and their associated mineralisation as observed in the Yilgarn craton.
The talk presents and explains the unprecedented detailed structural information Bob can gain from structural enhancement of not just Seismic Tomographic images but in fact any image. This ultra-detailed structural information marks a paradigm change in exploration and economic geology understanding.

The main section of the talk explores the structural geology of the Yilgarn Craton as never seen before on Seismic Tomography from 75–300 km depth and in north-south, east-west and orthogonal sections. The observed structures are compared with documented structures and the relationship between the structures and mineralisation is clearly shown.

You will hear unique insights into the origin of mineralisation pathways at 300 km depth, following them to the surface and finishes with practical exploration targeting advice and areas to test.

Comments, bibliography and notes

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