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DT Update – Ongoing website improvements

A walk-through of our new member directory and search experience

As part of our on-going effort to improve our member experience, we have recently launched two important updates to our website. This article will cover the newly improved member directory and search engine.


Member Directory

This can be accessed from the Membership menu, under Member Directory. This new format takes our old PDF format and turns it into a dynamic listing. You can refine the listing against the following fields:

  • Location
  • Branch
  • Primary Discipline
  • Post-nominal
  • Member Name

A non-member will only be able to see the fields of name, post-nominal and profile picture. A signed-in member is able to switch to the ‘grid’ view, which displays the extra information of a members branch, state and country.

You may opt out of the member directory if you wish to do so via ‘Your Preferences’ inside your Dashboard. For more information refer to this article.

Improved search experience

Our new search is designed to bring back results faster and more relevant to your search term(s). It has the ability to bring back a listing of top matching results, and a spelling recommendation feature to correct any spelling mistakes.

In the video below, we demonstrate this with the term ‘gold deposits’. The top matching results include two news items, two products, and one event. As you continue typing your term, the top results with be further refined and replaced if a better match is found. To view a full listing of all results, press the submit button, or enter on your keyboard.

The second demonstration uses the term ‘Kalgoolie’ with a deliberate mis-spelling. You can see that the search has picked up the error and recommends the term ‘Kalgoorlie’ instead. Following on from this, we now demonstrate how to filter results. When you press filter results, you will firstly choose what category you wish to filter by, either pages, news, events, products, or communities. Once you select your category, you will see the options for further refinement appear on the right. For the example of news items which is demonstrated in the video, we can see the refinement options of Community Type, News Category, and Tags. By changing any of these filter types your results will instantly be updated. You can clear your refinements by pressing ‘Clear Filter’.

You can also sort results and toggle the view mode between list and grid to suit your preference.

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