Familiarise yourself with the new website

Here, we help you with the changes that have come along with the new website.

With our new website has come a host of changes that affect everyone that frequents the site. Some pages are in different locations and some may look different to how they did in the past.

These changes have all been a part of making the site more cohesive and easier to navigate once you familiarise yourself with the site. We recommend having a look around the site to get used to where things are and how different areas of the site are linked.

We are constantly working on improvements for the site alongside adding brand new features to improve your AusIMM digital experience. Our new member dashboard allows you to customise the news and events that you want to see.

Another feature of the new website is improved security. To comply with this, all of our members who had passwords set up on the old website are required to set a new one that meets our new, more secure requirements.

If you are yet to set up your new password, you can do so here. You can also find out more information on this security update and the new requirements in this recent news post.

If you have any queries or problems regarding the process around changing your password, please contact

Any other feedback or queries about the new site can be submitted via the contact page.

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