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Geoscience Society May 2020 Newsletter

Read the first edition of the Geoscience Society Newsletter May 2020

Welcome from the Chair


I would like to welcome you to the first AusIMM Geoscience Society newsletter of 2020.

Before I touch on a review of the activities of your society over the past year and what is planned for 2020, I would like to acknowledge that many of our members are experiencing career interruptions and uncertainty arising from Covid-19. As a committee, we can play a part in facilitating geoscience education and networking activities across the AusIMM, linking members to webinars and other technical information for ongoing professional development during this difficult time.

As a society, we seek to promote geoscience knowledge and competency, facilitating the dissemination of quality information and offering educational opportunities for members of all levels of experience. A thread of professional development runs through much of what we do. Many of us have seen changing community perceptions towards science and the natural resources industry with heightened expectations and, in some cases, unfounded views on the economic contribution of our industry. In mitigating these misperceptions, your committee has moved to fund several school-based initiatives to promote a better understanding of earth science.

What we did in 2019


Your society worked with the WA South West Branch to facilitate two technical talks by Bob Watchorn on broad geophysical interpretations of the Australian continent. We organised a national Distinguished Speaker program with Professor Ross Large, presenting insightful observations on the history of life on Earth and periods of ore deposit formation. A recording of the Distinguished Speaker lectures and associated papers can be found here.

The society worked to enhance professional skills through the sponsorship of a Core Logging Workshop conducted by Dale Sims at the University of Newcastle, and ensured that AusIMM members were able to obtain discounted costs to attend Greg Corbett’s popular Epithermal Au-Ag and Porphyry Cu-Au exploration program conducted in February this year. We are seeking similar practical learning opportunities for members after the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted.

Last November the society used the forum of the International Mining Geology Conference to promote your Institute and engage with young professionals.

Consistent with our desire to develop earth science in school-age students, the society made contributions to the Teacher Earth Science Education Program (TSEP) and the Geoscience Pathways Project (GPP).

What we are planning in 2020


The Society is well advanced at developing the 2020 program, expanding those initiatives that showed most promise in 2019. The electronic capture of content has been embraced by the Institute as has a digital transformation for most avenues of communication, being accelerated with the onset of Cov-19. Members will see an enhanced offering of geoscience content, with the Society distributing materials that were previously only available at Branch events. In the spirit of maximising value for our members, we will seek discounted or free quality materials from affiliated professional organisations and specialist groups.

This year the Committee has the pleasure of hosting Professor David Groves as a Distinguished Speaker. Professor Groves is well known to many readers. We are planning to organise an array of different lectures, compensating for a roadshow that would otherwise have taken place across a range of regional and city branches.

Some members may have noticed recent improvements to the online access to technical papers published by the Transactions of Applied Earth Science, a publication rich in ore deposit geology research.

Our support of in-school geoscience education initiatives is expected to continue in the current year, with new developments to follow.

New Geoscience Committee Members


The Committee would like to thank the contributions of retiring Committee Members Dr Michael Leggo, Geoff Balfe, Annette Pocock and long –serving AusIMM Secretary Donna Edwards. Early this year the Committee was joined by Bert De Waele, Matthew Robertson, Holly McVicar and Ian Wollff.

We have formed working groups to assist us achieve our objectives. The working groups with assigned Committee members are:

Working Group Coordinators

  • Ongoing education for members Louisa O’Connor, Ian Wolff
  • School and early geoscience engagement program David Turvey
  • Accreditation Louisa O’Connor
  • Mentoring Francisco Maturana, Holly McVicar
  • Electronic information dissemination Tony Wiggins, Diane Djotaroeno
  • Distinguished Lecture series Bert De Waele

Please reach out or contribute through the contact form located on the Geoscience Society webpage.

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Geoscience Society May 2020 Newsletter

Read the first edition of the Geoscience Society Newsletter May 2020


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