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One Month To Go: South West WA Branch and Geoscience Society– October Tech Talk – Seismic Tomographical Review of the Australian Continent

Register now to join the Southwest WA Branch and the Geoscience Society on 3rd October 2019 to listen to Bob Watchorn's technical talk on Seismic Tomography in Bunbury, which will compare Australia’s major mineralisation cratons with those of China and North America.

Date: Thursday 3 October 2019

Time: 6pm Networking for 6:30pm Presentation

Mercure Sanctuary Golf Resort,
Lot 100 Old Coast Road,
Bunbury, WA 6230

Cost: Free to Attend

Includes: Light Snacks and Beverages provided


Registrations are essential.
Registrations close 12pm Wednesday 2nd October.

Bob Watchorn over the last 20 years has developed data enhancement methods that enable the structure within geological images to be seen in great detail. This seismic tomography image enhancement has enabled detailed geological visualisation of the Australian continent down to 300 km for the first time.

The figure below showing the seismic tomography of the Australian continent in plan and section and plans of the Yilgarn, Mt Isa and Gawler cratons.

The structures that form the Australian continent are identical to the moon mares formed in the Late Heavy Bombardment from 4.1 to 3.8 Ga.

The relationship and possible genesis of the mineralisation in the Yilgarn, Mt Isa, Broken Hill and Gawler Cratons to these deep, early giant structures is discussed.

Mineral targeting based on these Australia wide observations will be discussed.

The talk will conclude by comparing the geology, genesis and mineralisation controls of the Australian, North American and North China cratons.


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