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Read “Integrating Structural Geology to Understand Mineral Systems” by Dr Rob Holm

Presented in Kalgoorlie on 20th August 2019 at the Kalgoorlie Branch Technical Talk.

Integrating structural Geology to understand mineral systems by Dr Rob Holm

Is a vein just a vein? What more information can you get out of it? What are the important characteristics of structures that we can use to classify and interpret them?

Extracting the maximum value from such information and integrating structural geology with other datasets to recognise trends and correlations is key to unravelling the geology of a deposit.

Improved understanding of the role of structural geology in mineral systems is essential to optimise drill hole planning, predict extensions to mineralisation, and find new ore deposits.


Dr Rob Holm is a Consultant Geologist with CSA Global, holding an extensive and diverse background encompassing both the minerals and oil and gas sectors. He specialises in structural geology, drawing on experience ranging from Proterozoic IOCG-orogenic systems to recent and actively forming analogues across the SW Pacific, to investigate structurally-controlled mineral systems across multiple spatial and temporal scales.


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