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Read “The Role of Geochemistry in Understanding Mineral Systems” by Dr Carl Brauhart

Presented in Kalgoorlie on 20th August 2019 at the Kalgoorlie Branch Technical Talk.

The role of Geochemistry in understanding mineral systems by Dr Carl Brauhart

Whole-rock geochemistry is a cheap and widely available tool that can be used to advance understanding of a mineral system in three major ways:

    1. Immobile element lithogeochemistry to constrain stratigraphy
    2. Alteration geochemistry to quantify mass balance changes along hydrothermal flow paths
    3. Metal enrichment signatures related to mineralisation.

Each of these areas of investigation can be applied at any scale, and there are procedures specific to each of them. Following the mineral systems approach makes the explorer more mindful of the importance of scale when interpreting geochemical and other data. It also encourages that explorer to try and fit “the pieces of the puzzle” into a coherent whole, and in so doing increases the likelihood that sensible exploration targets will be tested in a logical fashion.


Dr Carl Brauhart has worked for CSA Global for the last six years after working at Sipa Resources for 18 years including a three-year PhD studying regional alteration at the Panorama VMS Project in the Pilbara. Field work has always been the focus of his work. However, a keen interest in geochemistry lead some to believe, wrongly, that the best place for him is the office.


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