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Reminder: Perth – Hydrogeotech Masterclass Wednesday 4th Sept

Join the Perth Branch on 4th September for a deepdive in to a range of digital applications for hydrogeotech and hydrogeology

This masterclass will discuss using innovative digital technologies for:

➢ Near-surface aerial reconnaissance and visualisation techniques

➢ Accuracy and Precision of geotechnical datasets

➢ Groundwater systems in mining

➢ Dewatering / depressurisation monitoring and data analysis

➢ Modelling approaches and pitfalls


Event Details

Date: Wednesday 4th September 2019

Time: 4:00pm – 7:00pm

CORE Innovation Hub
191 St Georges Terrace
Perth, WA 6000


Type Cost
AusIMM Members $20
Non-Member $40
Students Free
Non-Member Student $10



Registrations are essential
AusIMM membership opportunities available at the event.

Join the AusIMM Perth Branch on the 4th September for a Masterclass hosted by Adrian Troy and Stan Banks: Hydrogeotech and the Three Little Bears of Digital Disruption (too little; too much; just ‘right’)

With technology at our fingertips more acutely powerful than the systems used to send and monitor man on the moon, how is it possible that 50 years on, we continue to overlook evident earth ‘clues’ preceding the most destructive man-made ground instability of our recent history?

Does this represent prolonged deficiency in cultural mining practice or simply a ‘dulling’ of the senses due to oversaturation with digital data?

Mining of big data often presents big opportunities and with those opportunities comes sincere responsibility to ensure downstream end-users of the shared natural landform are protected from harm.  This masterclass seeks to explore the ever-advancing tool chest available to earth scientists and particularly focuses on the past two decades of mining and technological growth as navigated by our presenters.


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