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South West WA Branch – Event Update

Read the recent event update from the South West WA Branch.

On Friday 6 September, the AusIMM Southwest WA Branch, and other members, took the opportunity to go on a mining and processing tour at Iluka’s SW Operations.

The activities began at Iluka’s North Capel plant with a presentation on best practice in mineral sands mining and processing, followed by a tour of the synthetic rutile processing facility. The group then travelled to the Tutunup South mine site which is currently undergoing rehabilitation to pasture and native bushland. At Tutunup South, the journey from pre-mining to rehabilitation was seen in a presentation from the rehab team and then in practice with a field trip.

After the tour, 40 AusIMM members and guests came together for lunch and Emeritus Professor J-P Franzidis presented the Distinguished Delprat Lecture. His lecture entitled “Mining and Society”, is a collection of research focused on how mining has been an integral part of human history which has, at times, guided the development of what we now call society. In the lecture, JP discussed how mining has given us coins, cannons and computers and also left legacy issues which will endure for centuries to come. He explored the history of mining and society, the impacts of society on mining, and mining and society in the 21st century and beyond.

This tour was a great demonstration of how mining is part of the local community, with family photo’s displayed on posters throughout the processing facility and the extensive commitment that Iluka undertakes working with the local farmers to restore mine sites back to sustainable and reusable farmland, often more productive than in its original state.

The day finished with a wine tasting at Capel Vale Wines, a few buckets of golf balls at the driving range and a buffet dinner at the Sanctuary Golf Resort.
Thanks to everyone who attended. Special thanks to Iluka’s SW Op’s team for their overwhelming generosity to show us around their operation and to arrange for J-P Franzidis to present his Delprat Lecture on site.

Members from other South West Operations committed to future site tours and we anticipate carrying out similar site visits followed by social networking events 2-3 times in 2020. We hope you can join us there too. If you would like more information on AusIMM South West WA Branch activities or to participate in organising an event, site tour or being on the committee, then please email us.

Our future events include:

3 October – Seismic Tomography of the Australian Continent
14 November – The Screw Press – An alternative to tailings management
28 March, 2020 – AusIMM President’s Dinner Address and Regional Operational Overview

Visit our Webpage to register, or “Like” our Facebook page to stay in touch with news flow.

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