Step-by-step guide to using my PD Logbook

All AusIMM members have access to the professional development (PD) logbook. This is a tool that can be used to record activities that contribute to your continued learning and development and is a great resource to keep track of your participation in events and activities throughout the year.

The logbook is also an important part of our Chartered Professional program. The program requires all Chartered Professionals to maintain their online logbook, recording their learning throughout the year. Chartered Professionals are required to complete an average of 50 hours of professional development each year, with a minimum of 150 hours required for any three year period.

The logbook is available on the member dashboard via

To update your logbook, please follow these simple steps:

Step 1 – access your logbook

Go to the Professional Development section of your dashboard. (If this is the first time you have logged into the AusIMM website, you will need to create a new strong password using the password reset tool. If you have difficulty resetting your password, please contact us)

Step 2 – enter your PD hours

Add your professional development activities to the logbook by typing in the number of hours in the first field and then selecting the type of professional development and the provider from the dropdown lists that appear when you click on each field.

Select the type and provider from the dropdown list that will appear when you click in the field.

Type a summary of the activity and learned benefits in the description field and select the date from the calendar that will appear when you click in the date field. Then press the save button to the right of the date field to save your entry.

Your new entry will then appear in date order in your logbook.

Step 3 – review your PD hours

Review all of the entries in your logbook (only entries backdating four years from the current date will display). Ensure that you have included everything that needs to be included for your records or for your Chartered Professional requirements if applicable.

At the bottom of your PD hours table, you will see a calculation showing the number of hours recorded for the current year (year to date total) and the three-year total (backdating three years from the current date). For Chartered Professionals, once all PD hours have been added, this number should be 150 hours or above.

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