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Tasmania Branch – AIG Geo Pub 24th September – Guest Speakers Prof. Ross Large and Dr Jodi Fox

Geo Pub 24th September - Guest Speakers @ The Duke

We are pleased to announce we have two guest speakers for the September Geo Pub, Prof. Ross Large and Dr Jodi Fox.

Members and guests are welcome to dinner after the presentations. These can be pre-ordered and paid for at the bar at your own cost and will be served after the presentations.


The Duke, 192 Macquarie Street, Hobart
Upstairs function room


Thursday, 24th September 5.30pm for 6:00 pm

Please RSVP for this event

Jane Capp via  

Guest Speakers

Distinguished Professor Ross Large with “History of Atmosphere Oxygen and timing of basin-hosted ore deposits”
Distinguished Professor Ross Large is internationally renowned in ore deposit geology. His research has focused on understanding how mineral deposits form and using this knowledge to help industry find deposits of ore like gold. But he has now turned his geological skills to answering the most fundamental question of all – what controlled the evolution of life?

Dr Jodi Fox with “What lies beneath: Volcanoes and the Antarctica Ice Sheet”
Modelling the dynamics of Antarctic glaciers, ice sheets and ice shelves is essential for understanding their role in the global climate and their future contribution to sea level change. Geothermal heat flux from the Earth warms the base of the Antarctic Ice Sheet and is an important influence on how and where ice flows and is critical information for this modelling.  An important part of understanding the heterogeneity of geothermal heat flux in Antarctica is understanding the eruptive history of Antarctica’s volcanoes. Gaussberg volcano is the only exposed volcano in East Antarctica, constraining the timing of eruption and the environment of eruption (including ice thickness) will inform models of past and predictive models of ice sheet coverage in East Antarctica. This presentation will discuss the impact of volcanism on the Antarctic ice sheet generally and present results from an ongoing study of Gaussberg volcano.
Jodi completed an Honours Degree in Geophysics at CODES, UTAS before working as an exploration and mine geologist in Queensland and South Australia. Jodi consolidated her keen interest in volcanoes when she completed a PhD focussed on the physical volcanology of intraplate basaltic submarine to emergent volcanic successions (Heard Island, Cape Grim and Stanley) at CODES, UTAS. Jodi is currently a post-doc based at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies. Current research focus includes Gaussberg volcano (East Antarctica), Heard and McDonald Islands (Southern Indian, Ocean), Havre volcano (Kermadec Arc) and assisting with research related to the Balleny and Tasmanatid seamount chains (east Australia).


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Tasmania Branch - AIG Geo Pub 24th September - Guest Speakers Prof. Ross Large and Dr Jodi Fox

Geo Pub 24th September - Guest Speakers @ The Duke


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