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Update for Chartered Professionals on Professional Development

Some AusIMM Chartered Professionals (CPs) and Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland (RPEQs) may have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, impacting their ability to undertake professional development (PD) activities as required by AusIMM’s CP Regulations.

We would like to provide further clarification on PD activities and implications for CPs during this difficult period. We are here to support our members so please contact us if you have any questions on:

Career breaks

If a CP is not employed for an extended period, they may be eligible to apply for a career break. CPs taking career breaks may maintain their CP accreditation, provided that:

  • their career breaks total less than two years in a three-year period
  • they maintain a minimum of 25 hours per year of acceptable PD during their career

We request that CPs advise the Registrar of their intention to take a career break at the earliest opportunity, prior to the break commencing. A career break should be recorded in the AusIMM Online PD Logbook. Some maximum limits may be varied (eg Category F: Private Reading), where the CP can justify the learning they undertook and why other PD categories were inaccessible to them at the time.

Extended career breaks under special circumstances
  • For career breaks under typical circumstances, totalling more than two years in a three-year period, CP accreditation cannot be continued. If a career break is expected to be greater than two full years in three, CPs should contact the Registrar at the earliest opportunity to discuss their individual circumstances.
  • For career breaks greater than two years, when CPs are not able to undertake meaningful PD activities for extended periods (eg parental leave, extended illness, etc) CPs can take the first two years with no PD and then restore currency of knowledge at the end of the career break in accordance with the model described in the CP Regulations. This option provides for transition back to work and maintaining the credential upon return, avoiding the burden on the CP to complete 150 hours in a short space of time.
PD Activities – CP Regulations

The guidelines for PD hours related to CPs and RPEQs essentially remain the same, except for attendance at conferences that have generally been postponed. All professional development activities related to AusIMM events are planned to be converted to online delivery for the time being, so can continue to be claimed as valid PD hours. This applies to all JORC courses and related short courses that AusIMM provides, or courses presented by other training providers. The following arrangements are in place for each PD category:

Category Category description Comments
regarding current arrangements
permitted hours (out of 150 hours total in three years)
A Formal Education

Undertaking formal
coursework relevant to the member’s area of practice (postgraduate education,

other coursework,
programs, and certificates).

Most universities and educational
institutions are now running their programs online. Formal coursework can therefore
continue as valid PD hours as before.
No maximum
B External and Internal
Short Courses

Technical and commercial
courses not taken for award/degree purposes.

AusIMM continues to
provide online learning platforms for JORC courses and similar programs.
Other training providers are likely to provide similar arrangements,
providing valid PD activities.
No maximum
C Technical Conferences and Learned SocietyMeetings

Including AusIMM Technical Meetings. Attending and presenting at
relevant technical conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops and site visits
that can be shown to add value to the member’s practice.

PD requirements remain the
same, however these conferences and meetings are of course no longer
available to attend in person, so online versions will be programmed and will
continue as valid PD activities.
No maximum
D Publications

Material written and
published in technical journals and technical conference papers.

No change in this
No maximum
E On-the-job skill

Time spent on formal,
structured and company-sponsored on-the-job training programs; personal self-

education; and on-the-job
research and evaluation.

On-the-job training would
need to be presented remotely as online webinars or similar.’ Self-education
and research can be undertaken remotely and would be valid PD hours.
45 hours maximum in three
F Private reading of learned

Relevant to the member’s
practice and

the demonstrated use of
the information gained.

No change in this
52.5 hours maximum in
three years
G Structured mentoring

Being part of a structured
mentoring program (as a mentor or mentee).

Structured mentoring can continue
by video link or telephone as appropriate and convenient for the mentors and mentees.
30 hours maximum in three
H Service to industry

Active participation as a
member of an industry committee, panel, board or similar.

It is expected that participation
in committees, panels, boards, etc. will be undertaken via video link, so
this category remains valid PD hours.
52.5 hours maximum in
three years
I Peer reviewing

Of technical journal, conference,
lecture or course papers.

No change in this
No maximum
J Other activities

That advance CPD but don’t
fall into the above categories.

No change; however, the
activity would need to be undertaken remotely.
No maximum

Please note that private reading, on-the-job skills enhancement, etc, generally do not cost any money, and can add a lot of value to your career and maintaining the CP credential.

In addition, technical sessions by webinars, etc. are available at the AusIMM website as a resource to help facilitate these learnings, with most free of charge.

It is helpful to consider using these options to maintain currency and expand your competencies.

Member Assistance Program

The AusIMM Member Assistance Program is available to Chartered Professionals should they experience financial difficulties due to lack of employment.

Please contact our Membership team for further details:

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