AusIMM Education Endowment Fund

The AusIMM Education Endowment Fund (EEF) provides funding to a variety of educational initiatives to attract and support those studying within the resources sector.


The EEF Trust Deed was formally created and signed on 22 February 1989. The purposes of the fund include the following:

  • fund research projects that may benefit the resources sector
  • provide scholarships bursaries and other awards to tertiary students undertaking undergraduate or postgraduate study or research in relation to minerals relevant disciplines or courses
  • fund and provide lectures to persons involved in the resources sector and students undertaking study in disciplines relating to the resources sector
  • provide funding to universities for the purposes of running classes, seminars and other activities designed to promote the awareness of and interest in the resources sector amongst secondary school students
  • provide funding to universities for the purpose of providing endowed professorships.

Current EEF Scholarships and Awards

Bicentennial Gold
88 Endowment
Max Eden Bursary
Latest Awards News

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The EEF Board of Trustees

The EEF Board of Trustees consists of prominent members of AusIMM as well as industry representatives and the current AusIMM President.

The Trustees meet twice a year to discuss the fund, its initiatives and what might be utilised in the future to ensure the attraction and retention of bright individuals into the resources sector.

The Board currently consists of the following:

Jared Osborne



Susie Corlett


Eduard Eshuys


Paul Espie


Bruce Hebblewhite


Sarah Wheeler


Colin Moorhead


AusIMM President

Also available - Thesis Prizes

The EFF awards the following prizes for the best final-year Honours thesis completed in geology, mining engineering or extractive metallurgy.

Ian Morley Thesis Prize

Awarded for the best final-year Honours thesis completed in Queensland in geology, mining engineering or extractive metallurgy. Closing date for nominations is 30 June each year.

Ian Morley was awarded the Imperial Service Order (ISO) after various appointments within the mining industries of Western Australia and Papua New Guinea. He joined the Queensland Department of Mines and rose to hold the position of State Mining Engineer (1940–1969). He was a Councillor for the AusIMM for many years and author of Black Sands, a history of beach sand mining on the east coast of Australia.

Reg Buckett Prize

Awarded to the students assessed to have presented the best final year project in the Bachelor of Engineering (Mining Engineering) and the Bachelor of Engineering (Metallurgical Engineering) courses at Curtin University of Technology. Winners receive an engraved trophy featuring the AusIMM logo at their graduation ceremony. Applications through Curtin University.