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Heritage Committee

Preserving knowledge and the rich history of the resources sector

AusIMM Heritage Committee Charter

Vision – That AusIMM members and the population at large recognise the great contribution made by past and present resources professionals to the community, environment and economy in which they have worked.

Purpose – To foster public knowledge about and identify and encourage conservation of significant sites, documents, stories and objects relating to the past activities of resources professionals, recognising that better knowledge of past achievements can be a source of pride and motivation for members. The committee will support and encourage the heritage activities of individual members and branches.

Organisation – The Heritage Committee will comprise volunteers from the AusIMM membership who may be located anywhere in the world. The Committee will use modern technology for communications and meetings to overcome geographic boundaries. The Committee will determine its own priorities and activities with regard to the Vision and Purpose stated above.

Sale or Exchange of Mining Books by AusIMM Members

Members of AusIMM who want to give away or sell mining books from their collections have many options. Websites such as eBay or Gumtree are two suggestions. Advertising on Gumtree is free and Gumtree is also used by persons seeking to buy a particular item. Unfortunately, the Heritage Committee is unable to advertise these items on the AusIMM website.


The Personal History Collection - Pilot Project

The purpose of the Personal History Collection Project is to ensure that pertinent information is collected from members that can provide a source of historical and heritage reference material for use by AusIMM and by bone fide researchers – with the permission of AusIMM – in the future.

The collection will form a useful, more up-to-date and complete record of the professional lives and achievements of current and future members than simply what is held in their basic membership file. It is not intended to replace the usual membership records maintained by AusIMM, but rather to provide a fuller picture of the member. It will also preserve knowledge of some of their contributions to the resources sector.

Personal information and observations are being sought from our more experienced and senior members on an ongoing basis.

The Mining Heritage Checklist

The following list of mining heritage sites in Australia and New Zealand is an initial attempt to document these, and the list is currently incomplete.

The list will be expanded and provides a starting point for AusIMM branches to identify and document local mining heritage sites in more detail.

Click the link below to view the Australasian Mining Heritage Checklist and accompanying notes.

View Heritage Checklist

View Heritage Checklist notes

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