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Heritage Audio and Visual Content

Samuel Turrell’s 8mm Films

Samuel George Turrell MAusIMM was a metallurgist who travelled the world in his role as a representative for the American Cyanamid Company. In the 1930s he made 8mm movies of his travels which he showed at AusIMM meetings. Turrell died in 1940 and his movies then found their way to the AusIMM Archives. The attached article gives further details, with an index of the films, listing the mines, locations and people appearing in them. The locations include mines in Burma, the Philippines, Malaya, USA, Australia, Canada and Fiji. Typically, they begin with a slow panoramic sweep showing the entire operation. The film quality varies, and most of the colour films are quite faded.

Mining Company 16mm Films

From the 1960s to the 1980s the AusIMM maintained a library of 16mm films which were available on loan to branch meetings and universities. The films of operations were commissioned by mining companies for recruitment and public relations purposes. These films have now been digitised and are again made available to members because of their historical content.

Audio content

From the 1950s to the 1970s the AusIMM made audio recordings on tape of many addresses at meetings and conferences, primarily to aid the preparation of articles for publication. Some of these recordings, selected for their historical interest, are being progressively digitized and presented here. The quality varies and some recordings run for more than one hour.