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A Further Study on the Attenuation Laws of Blasting Vibration Frequency


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Author J R Zhou, W B Lu, M Chen, P Yan and G H Wang


Blast vibration analysis is one of the important topics in the control technology of blast vibration damage. Nowadays, blasting vibration safety standards are based on both the particle velocity and the frequency of vibration and they have been adopted widely and internationally. However, the analysis on vibration frequencies is less studied compared to investigations of peak particle velocity. For the vibration induced by a spherical charge in a viscoelasticly infinite rock mass, an expression of vibration spectrum taking into account the damping effect of rock mass is inferred. Then the attenuation laws of dominant frequencies and centroid frequencies are compared theoretically. For the case of cylindrical charge, dynamic finite element method (DFEM) software of LS-DYNA is employed to analyse the attenuation laws of characteristic frequencies. The research demonstrates that, no matter whether it is a spherical charge or a cylindrical charge, there is a local mutation or fluctuation at some distance when the blast proceeds, while the centroid frequencies conform to a smooth attenuation law. Both the multipeaks structures of vibration spectra and the decay rate difference between high- and low-frequency components contribute to the mutation or fluctuation investigated in this study. Additionally, an increase in longitudinally sonic velocity or the quality factor of rock mass produces an increase in the vibration frequencies, whereas an increase in blast source diameter or the rise time of blast load produces a decrease in vibration frequencies from a spherical charge. In borehole blasting, there is a positive correlation between the vibration frequencies and charge diameter, whereas there is a negative correlation with charge length. And altering the initiation plan will change vibration frequencies to various degrees. Finally, theoretical analysis results were validated by the empirical data from field experiments of Fengning pumped storage power station.


Zhou, J R, Lu, W B, Chen, M, Yan, P and Wang, G H, 2015. A further study on the attenuation laws of blasting vibration frequency, in Proceedings 11th International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting, pp 673–682 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).