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A More Holistic View of Mill Liner Management


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Author M S Powell, M M Hilden, N Weerasekara, M Yahyaei, P Toor, J Franke and M Bird


The combination of new tools with a more rigorous approach to understanding the interaction of mill liners with overall mill performance and economics, forms the basis of an integrated approach to liner management. Based on accurate liner wear measurements, some (limited) physical mill inspections and surveys, accurate calibration of the mill load and analysis of process data, a whole new approach to liner selection, relining intervals and mill control is proposed. Collection and analysis of this information in operating mills illustrates the mill performance improvement which can be attained through this careful measurement and modelling approach.

A more holistic approach to liner management is proposed, including a broadening of the current work to cover the potential benefits of improved relining technologies and predictive liner wear modelling.

M S, Hilden, M M, Weerasekara, N, Yahyaei, M, Toor, P, Franke, J and Bird, M,
2012. A more holistic view of mill liner management, in Proceedings 11th
AusIMM Mill Operators’ Conference
, pp 95-104 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).