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A Relational Data Base and Data Management System for the Onshore Gippsland Basin


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Author Simpson G and Gaulton R


The Commission maintains a data base first computerised in 1957 and containing information from over 18 000 boreholes located mainly in the Latrobe Valley area. Some of the borehole derived information dates from the turn of the century, although most of it has been collected as a result of Commission investigations conducted over the past 40 years. The Resource Data Base contains not only information gained directly from the drilling itself but includes the results of chemical and physical testing on many hundreds of thousands of samples retrieved from boreholes. Replacement value of the Resource Data Base has been estimated to be around $200 million, and it’s integrity and accessibility is clearly of paramount importance, not only to existing mining and power generating functions but to the future evaluation and use of the vast brown coal Resource.