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An approach for evaluating a liberation function


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Author Bonifazi G and Massacci P


A review has been made of the studies focusing on methods for the description of grain -size distribution after breakage and, separa- tely, of the degree of liberation of the miner- al species making up the various grain-size classes of comminution products. The purpose of the study has been to de- velop an overall model of the phenomenon which, owing to the very effect of comminution, leads to the formation of grains that are generally of mixed composition. A calculation procedure has thus been de- veloped for the liberation function taken as the assessment of the distribution of mix com- ponents in the products obtained after a commi- nution process. The aim is to identify a func- tion which may, to a certain extent, simulate the variation of the grade-recovery function of an ore in relation to its degree of comminu- tion. The numerical model thus obtained has been tested out on results obtained experimentally.