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An Inversion Method for the Prediction of Peak Particle Velocity in Blasting


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Author M L Lawlor-O’Neill and A T Spathis


A methodology for the inversion of a scaled charge weight superposition model to predict peak particle velocity (PPV) has been examined. The inversion involves two steps: first simulated annealing is used to get an initial estimate of the model parameters; and second, these parameters are used as input to a quasi-Newton non-linear optimisation method, used to refine the value of the parameters. The methodology recovers the three required parameters (two charge weight scaling parameters and a time window width) and does this directly from a single production blast for a given point of interest. It has been tested on a synthetic example and recovered the input model parameters successfully in the presence of introduced noise with a coefficient of variation ranging up to ten per cent. Another test used the vibration measurements of three tunnel blasts monitored during the construction of the Citybanan tunnel in Stockholm. In this case, the three model parameters are found from one blast and for a given point of interest, and the PPV at the same point of interest is predicted for the second and third blast fired in the same vicinity as the first blast. The three blasts used different firing sequences. The predicted PPV limits use a confidence interval determined from the scatter in the peak levels obtained from the single calibration blast. The methodology was able to predict an upper bound for the PPV in 21 of the 26 tunnel blast vibrations studied. These predictions improve on a previous study involving the same model but which did not use the inversion process above. Given this reasonable success, further testing of the method on other data sets and alternative forward prediction models is recommended.


Lawlor-O’Neill, M L and Spathis, A T, 2015. An inversion method for the prediction of peak particle velocity in blasting, in Proceedings 11th International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting, pp 97–108 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).