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An overview of coal burst phenomena


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Author W Gale


Rock and coal fractures together with micro seismic vibration is a common occurrence during mining, however, it is very uncommon for coal and rock to be propelled into the roadway. Irrespective, such occurrences do occur and appear to require significantly more energy than is available from strain energy release during coal cutting. The sources of energy which can contribute to the propulsion of coal from the face or ribs are typically strain energy from the surrounding ground, seismic energy from a rapid rupture of the ground in the vicinity, or rapid expansion of gas from within the burst source area.

The aim of this presentation is to briefly review the mechanics of a coal burst and to discuss the mining situations for which the energy is sufficient to create bursts. A brief discussion of alleviation strategies is discussed.

This is an abstract only. No full paper was prepared for this presentation.


Gale, W, 2018. An overview of coal burst phenomena, in Proceedings The Fourth Australasian Ground Control in Mining Conference (AusRock), p 2 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).