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Application of Field Measurement Techniques to the Design of Roof Reinforcement Systems in Underground Coal Mines


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Author Gale W J and Fabjanczyk M W


A limitation to present theoretical roof reinforcement design methods is the inability to derive accurate and quantitative information about the roof rock condition and the action of reinforcement at various excavation stages. To obtain the information required to assess roof rock stability, detailed monitoring of the in-situ behaviour of reinforcement and roof strata is required. Reliable instru- mentation and techniques have been developed for use in underground coal mines to identify the geometry and magnitude of displacements occurring in roof rock and the forces generated in reinforcement. The use of such instrumentation allows an accurate assessment of the in-situ capability of reinforcement and the mode of reinforcing action developed. In-situ monitoring can supply data required for the practical design of reinforce- ment and assess the potential stability of current designs. The use of such data together with mine wide appraisal of rock and stressfield considerations, can allow roof reinforcement to be designed on the basis of a predicted roof Response.