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Changes in Oil Exploration Priorities in India During the 21st Century


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Author Mittal SK


A shift in the present day oil exploration scenario from West Coast can be foreseen keeping in mind peak of exploration in Cambay Basin and fast pace of development in Bombay High and its associated fields by the end of this century. Shifts in exploration from structural traps to stratigraphic traps, techno- logical development to drill in deep waters, improving economic situation for oil ventures and proven oil and gas potential of East Coast basins suggest that Indian oil explorat- ion scene will be at its peak along east coast during early 21st century. Hydrocarbon shows in Poonch and Jawalamukhi in Punjab Basin, improvements in drilling to greater depths, better seismic data aquisition, good source rock potential of Subathus and its equivalents and large geologi- cally mapped structures will reopen new avenues for explorationists. Not much exploration effort has been put up so far in Ganga Basin. Keeping in mind size of the basin, sedimentary thickness involved, presence of algal matter deposited in shallow marine environment & higher hydrocarbon indications warrant active exploration. Gondwanas in India having such a large sedimentary area can not be ignored keeping in view generation and production from the non marine sediments of Kenya, Chad, Sudan, Gadon and China. Gondwanas become all the more important in view of gas production from their equivalents-Karoos in Ethiopia and South Africa. In all, above mentioned changes can be predicted in Indian oil exploration scenario during 21st century.