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Characterisation of Ore Crushability Using Petrophysical Properties


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Author A Vatandoost and P Fullagar


Automated multi-sensor core loggers (MSCL) measure petrophysical properties
of diamond drill cores, including gamma density, P-wave velocity, electrical
conductivity and magnetic susceptibility. A Geotek MSCL system has been used to
record petrophysical data on archival drill core from Cadia East Au-Cu porphyry
deposit, New South Wales, Australia, for correlation with metallurgical
parameters. P-wave modulus, calculated from density and P-wave velocity,
exhibits a correlation with small-scale crushability (A*b) test results, and
hence offers a means for ‘continuous’ characterisation of ore crushability at
Cadia East. Magnetic susceptibility has proved to be a good indicator of
alteration styles, and is a possible indicator of crushability.

Vatandoost, A and Fullagar, P, 2009.

Characterisation of ore crushability using petrophysical properties, in Proceedings
International Mining Geology Conference 2009

Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).