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Comparative evaluation of manual sampling and Outotec MSA 2/50 metallurgical slurry sampler


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Author J Loimi, P Minkkinen and T Korpela


The head loss caused by metallurgical sampling for slurry streams can be reduced by metallurgical sampler design. When the process volumetric flow rate is reduced by vertical static cutters before the sampling by an equal number of moving cutters to the static cutters, the installation requires less installation head space than other sampling arrangements and is easy to accommodate at suitable locations in the process. Low head loss reduces building costs for the processing plant and operational costs during the lifetime of the plant.

The presence of a possible systematic bias in the particle size distribution, solids density and elemental composition between an Outotec MSA 2/50 metallurgical slurry sampler sample and MSA 2/50 manually sampled reject have been studied by a customer. The paired samples were taken as simultaneously as possible. The customer evaluated the possible bias using a paired t-test and provided the assay results to Outotec for further evaluation.

The results of the paired t-test showed no systematic bias in particle size distribution, solid density or assayed analytes, except in one analyte with low content and a high relative error. The high relative error in one analyte may have been caused by the same calibration model used in a X-ray fluorescence analyser for both high elemental-content concentrate and very low elemental-content tailings samples. The sampled stream is the tailings of a previous process stage.

The results of the t-test were studied further using analysis of variance to reveal the error sources in samples. The results showed no bias between the samples collected from the MSA 2/50 reject and composite samples collected of the MSA 2/50 sample stream. The courier online analyser data was also available for evaluation of representativeness to the process stream.

The analysis results of the courier online analysis reveals no bias between the MSA 2/50 reject samples, MSA 2/50 sample stream composite samples and online analysis results during the comparative sample collection period.


Loimi, J, Minkkinen, P and Korpela, T, 2017. Comparative
evaluation of manual sampling and Outotec MSA 2/50 metallurgical slurry sampler,
in Proceedings Eighth World Conference on Sampling and Blending , pp 167–172 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).