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Contemporary Applications of Computer Aided Engineering and Project Management in the Australian Mining Industry


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Author Jones RD


Competitive commercial circumstances internationally provide a prime impetus for miners to seek new technologies as a means to profitability and survival. Engineering and project management activities play a vital role in establishing, operating and developing the capital facilities used by miners. Computer based technologies are the single most important technology for maintain- ing competitiveness in engineering and project management into the future. Current applications of computers in engineering design and drafting are finding economic applications, computer-aids are more readily introduced, accepted and profitable. Computing technology is advancing very rapidly and on a broad front in hardware, software and communications. This technology advance is improving the ability of engineers and project managers to provide a high quality, responsive and low cost service which will improve in parallel with computer technology. As this technology advances, a key challenge is created for managers in selecting hardware and software, in developing people and organisations and in marketing the technology to advantage. While the future holds many exciting developments, people will still hold the key roles. While the nature of their roles may change, the final acceptance or rejection of technology will be by people, whether as users or owners, who will judge on the basis of whether their stake is improved or not.