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Design of Steel Fibre Reinforced Segmental Lining for the Gold Coast Desalination Tunnels


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Author W Angerer and M Chappell


This paper describes the design of the steel fibre reinforced precast
concrete (SFRC) segmental lining for the intake and discharge tunnels for the
Gold Coast desalination plant in Queensland. In addition, the key design
requirements and design methods for the lining of these 2 km long, 2.8 m
internal diameter tunnels, including structural, durability and maintenance
requirements are discussed. Details of the segment configuration and erection
process are presented along with information on the manufacture and trial
testing of the concrete for the segments. The paper also gives a brief
introduction to steel fibre reinforced concrete behaviour.

Construction of the tunnels commenced in April 2007, and the authors believe
this is the first application of this technology in Australia.