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Desulphurizing ISF feed by roasting


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Author Jorgensen FRA and Wright S


The feed to the Cockle Creek Imperial Smelting Furnace consists of mixed Pb/Zn con- centrates and lead sulphate-containing elec- trolytic zinc plant residues. Roasting was investigated as a means of desulphurizing the feed to less than 1%. Laboratory studies showed that two process streams were required in which concentrates containing 20% Pb were roasted separately from the leach residues. The residues along with fume from the roast- ing and a portion of concentrate were desul- phurized by means of the roast reduction reaction. Conditions were defined to give <1% S in both streams. Fluid bed roasting of pellets was investigated as a means of accom- plishing roasting while the roast reduction reaction was carried out using briquettes containing inert material to contain the molten products from the reaction.