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Do We Maximise the Value of Our Operations through Our Definition Drilling, Resource Estimation and Mine Planning Strategies?


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Author M L Bloss, S O’Connell, A Robertson and M Scholz


The value created in any mining operation is a function of the mine plan. The quality of this plan is dependent on the strategies employed during definition drilling, resource estimation and mine planning. This paper presents opportunities to improve the value of an operation through better strategic management of these core activities. Case studies undertaken recently at Olympic Dam are presented to support the conclusions presented in the paper.


Bloss, M L, O’Connell, S, Robertson, A and Scholz, M, 2016. Do we maximise the value of our operations through our definition drilling, resource estimation and mine planning strategies? In Proceedings International Mine Management Conference, pp 9-20 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).