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Eco-Development and Mining in the 21st Century Near Delhi, India


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Author Bhacada R and Verma UK


Mining for sand was active in South Delhi during the last four decades disregarding all norms of safety. The aim of the paper is to highlight what is proposed to be done for mining in Delhi. Apart from the damage to the landscape, the earlier operations gave rise to visual pollution to the scenic Delhi area and there is immediate need of land restoration and landscaping. Future mining should be planned so that the resultant land surface completely merges with the topography and gradually assimilates with the green belt. Restoration of old workings, land reclamation and details of plantation in old pit areas are included. The project also provides a demon- stration site to show the impact of eco-development leading to new legisla- tive measures, as it is in the Capital of India itself and therefore more accessible than any other area. What has been suggested for mining is not the latest and the most modern equipments from the Western point of view but the right equipment to meet the specific requirement of the country. Financial projections are included alongwith technical details of the project to show the benefits to the society. It is concluded that eco-development is essential for the mining in the Twenty- First Century.