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Field Guide for Geoscientists and Technicians – Third Edition


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Number of pages 548 pp.


This volume, written from the great depth of experience of senior geologists who have been outstandingly successful in their respective fields, is a practical and comprehensive guide to field procedures and complements the popular Field Geologists’ Manual – Monograph 9. This third revised edition is available in digital format. Some of the topics covered in the 12 chapters and 20 appendices are:

  • Ethics, particularly in dealing with the public, landholders and the environment
  • Mining tenure
  • Health and safety
  • Equipment checklists
  • Mapping, surveying and navigation
  • Geophysics and geophysical surveys
  • Using geochemistry
  • Laboratories, analysis and standards
  • Sampling
  • Quality assurance
  • Drilling methods and operating procedures
  • Reporting
  • Sample storage and recording
  • Publications references and web links

Appendix 19 of this volume is the Field Safety Manual, included with the kind permission of the Department of Primary Industries, Mineral and Petroleum Division.

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