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Why are your recoveries lower than expected? Is the concentrate grade out of spec? Can the metallurgical performance be improved? Have you got hard data to support your assumptions? This new Spectrum Series volume provides the reader with a logical series of steps to identify and solve problems within base metal sulfide flotation plants. Chapter 1 provides, through example, a methodical approach that can be used to determine where and how losses occur in your plant. The methodology utilised in the initial chapter is supported by more detailed chapters describing more fully the techniques available, written by current, esteemed leaders of our industry, covering:

  • methods for collecting metallurgical data from your plant (Bill Johnson),
  • how to mass balancing flotation circuit data (Ron Morrison),
  • mineralogical methods and data interpretation (Alan Butcher),
  • characterisation measurements of industrial flotation cells (Greg Harbort and Sarah Schwarz),
  • pulp chemistry measurements and interpretation (Stephen Grano),
  • aspects of electrochemistry applied to sulfide mineral flotation (Ron Woods),
  • surface chemistry and its application to flotation (Alan Buckley),
  • laboratory flotation testing (Kym Runge),
  • design and statistical analysis of plant trials (Tim Napier-Munn),
  • economics and communication (Joe Pease), and
  • operational geometallurgy (Dean David).

It is anticipated that following these steps will provide you with detailed data of your process so that you can make informed decisions on how to improve metallurgical performance.

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