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Gippsland Basin Resources for Long Term Economic Prosperity


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Author Derrick S


It has long been recognised that Australia can benefit substantially in an economic sense from its rich resource base. The significant resources of the Gippsland Basin are a good example of the wealth of this nation. As cited in popular debate, Australia must value-add to its natural resources to ensure its long term economic prosperity. The significant oil, gas and coal resources of the Gippsland Basin have provided the Strategic Research Foundation with the basis for two major research and development initiatives ensuring the long term economic development of the Basin and Australia. The gas and coal reserves of the Basin together with the area’s extensive history in electricity generation provide the rationale for establishing Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd. A consortium comprising Australia’s leading industrialist – BHP, State energy authorities and the Nation’s major research and development organisations, has formed Ceramic Fuel Cells to undertake and manage research, development and commercialisation of solid oxide (ceramic) fuel cells which convert fossil fuels directly to electricity with greater efficiency and less pollution than existing technologies. The oil and gas resources of the Basin together with the valuable experience of the operators in recovering these resources, have provided the impetus to investigate the feasibility of a Marine Engineering Research Centre. The commercially oriented research, education and training objectives of the Centre are well supported by the leading industrialists in related industries.