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Improved Technology – Selection of a Suitable Underground Concrete Transport Vehicle


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Author S Mitchell, T Finn and D J Kilkenny


Jetcrete Australia Pty Ltd, shotcrete contractor took the initiative in 2008 to discontinue the use of ‘road registerable’ concrete trucks for all underground works in Australia and internationally.

The rationale for this decision was basic, safety. Historically these vehicles have been and still are involved in far too many accidents; this obvious trend needs to be addressed by engineering out the root cause of the problem which in this case is suitability for purpose.

Road registerable concrete trucks have been widely used for the delivery of concrete in Australian mines for many years prior to and after the inception of wet shotcrete as ‘in cycle’ ground support in underground excavations around 1992. With this inception came a wide interest in the shotcrete process and an influx of new shotcrete contractors, all using road registerable concrete trucks to deliver the large volumes of Shotcrete required for these services and in turn largely increasing the use of these vehicles underground.

road registerable concrete trucks were difficult to control and each trip
underground required the operators to maintain good management of the inherent
risks. We virtually had no reasonable alternative for the industry and could
only encourage the operators to drive with soft controls such as, reducing
overall speed to a maximum of 15 km per hour when declining, regardless of the
road conditions, coming to a complete halt prior to turning into any sharp
corners, remaining in the same gear both inclining and declining.

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