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KR process-production of hot metal on the basis of non-coking coal


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Author Ottenschlager E and Kepplinger W


The KR Process is a joint development by VOEST-ALPINE, Austria and its subsidiary company KORF ENGINEERING, Germany. This new technology allows production of hot metal on the basis of non-coking coal. The KR Process is based on the idea of separating the process steps realized in the blast furnace (generation of reduction gas, reduction of iron oxide and melting of the reduced iron) and including coking of coal. These reactions are carried out in two reactors: – the melter gasifier, where non- coking coal is coked and gasified into a high quality reduction gas and hot prereduced iron is melted. – the reduction furnace, where iron oxide is reduced by the reduction gas generated in the melter gasifier and discharged in a hot state. In order to prove the process a pilot plant has been set up in Kehl/ Rhine in 1981 with a nominal capacity of 60.000 tpy.