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Mathematical Modelling and On-Line Control of Hydrocyclones


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Author Gupta A and Eren H


For a hydrocyclone of fIXed geometry, DC, Di, DO and θ are constants, the variable parameters affecting the performance are Qi, Φi, Du and H. (See Appendix 2 for definition of symbols).

The relationship between d50c, Qi, Φi, Du and H gives models which can effectively be used for performance predictions. Such models have already been established by Lynch et al and by Plitt.

These models have been tried in a limited manner under continuous operating conditions for on-line cowol. For on-line control effective and accurate instrumentation is required for which a new set up is proposed. Using this set up, a new model was established. A feature in this model is that deviations from the norm of operational parameters affecting d50c were considered. It is shown that these deviations generated by the disturbance of one or more of variations in the parameters, can be monitored by a computer and suitable signals generated to control servo mechanisms for restoring the required d50c value.

The logic followed in developing the computer software is described and the application of the model is indicated.